Series 2B PC Uplink2
  • Series 2B PC Uplink2

Series 2B PC Uplink2


The Digital Link Interface Link is a USB driven digital interface system designed by E-Stim Systems to allow you to connect your E-Stim Systems 2B directly to your computer via USB. Various control programs such as Commander2™ will then allow you to control and program your 2B directly from your computer (PC/Mac) or even across the Internet, while the newly released UpLink2 software will allow you to update your 2B to the latest firmware. For more details of the control system visit the Commander 2 web page. The communications protocols are freely available so it is even possible to write your own control system!

Software is supplied on a USB stick.


The Uplink2 software is supplied as part of the Digital Link System and allows you to upgrade your 2B without having to send your unit back to E-Stim Systems. Once everything is up and running you can then download the latest firmware* and install via your PC or Mac.

UpLink2 software is supplied with the Digital Link Interface. It is not available separately. Uplink2 software updates are available direct from E-Stim Systems. Please note for technical reasons not all updates are available via Uplink, and there may be delays between updates being available via Uplink and other Update services.

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