Series 2B E-Stim E-Box Kit
  • Series 2B E-Stim E-Box Kit
  • Series 2B E Stim Systems E-Box Kit
  • Series 2B E Stim Systems E-Box Kit

Series 2B E Stim Systems E-Box Kit


The E Stim Systems 2B has proved to be one of the most powerful and versatile electroplay power boxes in the world. If you are looking for the best, then seek out the 2B. With 17 program modes including the ever popular pulse and continuous the 2B has been expanded to include extras, so u can now throb and thrust your way to e-stim ecstasy and pleasure. Split modes, tickle, and programmed wave functions all pack the 2B with hours of e-stim pleasure.

The 2B features a clear backlit LCD display showing you exactly what your unit is up to all of the time,with a simple and easy to use control system. There is no need to learn any funny codes or count flashes. A built in help display guides you through mode selection, whilst the back light options allow visibility in the darkest dungeon. Changing mode is simply quick button presses and knob twiddling. It's simple. It works.

The dual output channels are completely isolated, and feature independent controls on each channel. This allows you to use multiple bipolar electrodes at the same time, and be able to control them both, independently. The output LED's light up in proportion to the output levels so its possible to see what's going on without consulting the main display. With the join mode it is possible to join both channels together, giving safety and control in one and with the Triphase cable set, even more possibilities are available. (Think 3D Electroplay)

For portability the 2B uses a single 9V battery, but if you want even more power then consider the optional mains power supply. With dual power settings, together with 0-100% controls you can be sure that the 2B will not run out of juice just when it gets interesting. Low power gives an excellent introduction to E-Stim whilst the high power setting offers really serious levels of output designed to satisfy the most ardent electrosex player, without causing too much pain!!

Like to listen to music? The 2B is fitted with an adjustable sensitivity built in microphone (no external microphone to break off or loose) and also offers true stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Plug in your MP3 player and your 2B providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim.

The 2B has an optional digital link interface,which allows you to update or control the 2B from your PC or Mac via a USB connection, you can even control it over the internet. Software update able? YES so no more out of date toys - Now the 2B can grow with your E-Stim experience.

Safety by design - with output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls (they always start at zero whenever you change a mode or switch the unit on), together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage the 2B has been designed to be compliant with all of the major UK, US and European safety standards, and unlike many imported units carries a CE mark.

With the 2B you are not just buying a box, you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world, from a company that is dedicated to producing the best in E-Stim technology. With everything you need to get started as well as a lifetime guarantee, the 2B is second to none.

Supplied : 2B Power Box ,2 off 3.5mm to 2mm output cable, 4 off Self Adhesive Electrode Pads, 1 off 3.5mm Stereo input cable, 1 off PP3 Battery, 1 off Audio CD, 1 off Carry Case, User guide



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