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Depth Charge


Combining the targeted stimulation of a love egg with the thrusting abilities of a dildo, our bi-polar Depth Charge Electro Probe is the ideal choice for G-spot, A-spot and prostate stimulation. The curvy tip is perfectly sized and shaped to massage your internal hot spots while the firm-yet-flexible stem gives you maximum control over how and where you stimulate. Twist, turn and thrust Depth Charge to awaken your pleasure zones with deep contractions and sensual tingles.

An insulated handle makes Depth Charge safe for anal use, so you can lose yourself to sensation without worry. The flexible stem offers better comfort than most anal toys during deep penetration, letting you probe deeply without feeling overly stretched or full. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant before use to make insertion either and to improve the sensations you feel.

What is the ElectraStim Depth Charge Dildo Probe?

Love eggs provide targeted stimulation for your G-spot or prostate but they can be difficult to manipulate during wear. Our unique Depth Charge Electro Dildo offers you the same precise stimulation you crave but with the added benefit of a firm-yet-flexible stem that lets you twist and thrust your way to climax.

Depth Probe's shapely egg stimulator measures 2.25 inches in length with a girth of 3.35 inches at the widest point, so it's perfectly sized to stimulate your G-spot or prostate during play. A wide, ergonomic handle beneath the stem allows you to reach your deepest pleasure zones without compromising your control. Safe for vaginal and anal use, the Depth Probe is a versatile dildo that can be equally enjoyed by both men and women.

Depth Charge measures 7 inches in total insertable length so you can probe deeper than you can with most of our other electro sex toys. Flexibility comes courtesy of a memory-coil spring within the stem, allowing you to flex any part of its length to improve your control. Made from marine-grade aluminium with an acrylic isolator. Depth Charge is free from phthalates, latex and other allergens and is body safe for your peace of mind.

Plug Depth Charge into your ElectraStim stimulation unit and you'll enjoy incredible erotic sensations that can bring you to orgasm with no additional stimulation required. Gently stimulating your internal hot spots with a pleasurable tingle that causes your PC muscles to contract, you may feel like you're verging on climax from the start of play. Intensify sensation further by thrusting and twisting Depth Charge in synch with your chosen stimulation setting.

A duo of 2mm inputs in the base allow you to connect Depth Charge to any ElectraStim stimulator. If you have an alternative stimulator, check our adaptors section for the adptors you need. The high quality laminated construction of this shapely probe prevents the surfaces becoming detached or wearing out, giving you years of pleasure. A 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects is included.

For the best experience we recommend you use Depth Charge with plenty of water-based lubricant. Do not use a silicone lubricant as it will act as an insulator.

Depth Charge comes with a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.



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Electrastim Catalogue 2014

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