Mini Electro Butt Plug


Mini is the baby of our metal butt plug range and has been made with anal sex beginners in mind. Whether you've had a bit of experience with anal penetration or you've never entered the forbidden zone before, our Mini bi-polar butt plug is the perfect size to start with.

The heavy weight provided firm pressure against the sensitive first few inches of the anus, making it pleasurable for men and women. He can also expect a prostate massage that could be enough to bring him to orgasm with no further stimulation required.

Measuring 2.2 inches in insertable length with a circumference of 3.7 inches at the widest point, this small butt plug is slimline with a tapered shape that makes insertion easy. Once you're used to the sensation of wearing Mini you can plug it into one of our stimulation units to experience pleasurable tingles and orgasmic contractions

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Electrastim Catalogue 2014

Electrastim Catalogue 2014

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