E-Stim Ultrasound Dipstick 10 mm

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E-Stim Ultrasound Dipstick 10 mm

The E-Stim UltraSound™ range is finally here  Built to be the perfect sounding experience.

This 6 mm UltraSound™ Dipstick™ is manufactured from solid stainless steel, this ultra smooth, ultra shiny mirror finished electrosound has a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip. They also feature E-Stim Systems Dipstick™ grooves every 20 mm which add to the sensation and allow you to see just how deep you are. The taper is designed to give a gentle lead in to help stretch the urethra and help you take the full thickness more easily. With a 2 mm differential between the tip and the shaft you get a gradual stretch as you gently insert this sound helping to open you up, ensuring that you can go on to take the full diameter.

All of E-Stim Systems UltraSounds™ are designed with a stylish grooved base area to help with gripping them with lube covered fingers and are fitted with an industry standard 4 mm socket. As this is a monopole electrode a second point of contact will be needed such as one conductive rubber loop or for prostate stimulation you can use the head of an E-Stim Systems Premium Electrode.

  • Diameter: 175 mm x 6 mm diameter (First 20 mm is tapered from 8 mm to 10 mm diameter)
  • Insertable Length: 155 mm
  • Weight: 102 g
  • Connection: 4 mm
  • Cable Needed: 4 mm or BiCable